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  • Topik Training:  Leading Project Management For Construction Projects
  • Kategori: Manajemen
  • Tempat: Hotel Puri Denpasar, Jakarta
  • Tanggal Pelaksanaan:
    • 29 – 31  Agustus 2017
  • Investasi:
    • Investasi  Normal IDR 5.500.0000 
    • Investasi  Early Bird IDR 5.000.000 
    • *Biaya Tersebut Tidak Termasuk Akomodasi, Penginapan Hotel.
  • Fasilitas:
    • Tas
    • Sertifikat.
    • Software e faktur
    • Modul
    • Soft copy modul
    • Coffe break 2 x
    • Makan siang 1x



Managing a small-, medium-, or large-scale construction project is a complex process from beginning to end. An error can lead to cost overruns and costly delays, but good management can bring projects in on time and in line with the cost estimates. This course provides a practical, in-depth introduction to construction management and preconstruction services.


Despite the fact that the construction industry purchases more project management tools than any other industry segment, many construction projects run far over budget and fare behind schedule. Yet there are methods and processes that can bring construction projects in on time and on budget.

There are many unique aspects to managing major construction projects, from controlling changes, to dealing with contractors and subcontractors, to managing construction risks.
This course will give construction manager and team sufficient knowledge to successfully manage large, challenging construction projects.

Course Methodology

The Course is designed to be taught interactively with syndicates and personal exercises, facilitation of group discussions, training videos, and discussions of real life examples.

Benefits Achieved

At the end of this course, participant will be able to:
• Understand the design and construction project from beginning to end
• How to organize a construction project for success
• Plan and schedule a construction project
• Control changes
• Budget the project and maintain budget control
• Control quality
• Identify and manage risks
• Manage contracts

Who should attend?

• Construction project managers and team or those who work in a construction project site and office.
• Person who get benefit for attending this Course

Three Days Course Outline:

Basics of Project Management

This is the background information that shows how to set up a project management system to accurately manage projects:

  1. Setting up the project for success,
  2. Creating the Work Breakdown Structure,
  3. Identifying the resources required,
  4. Developing the schedule,
  5. Costing and budgeting the project,
  6. Controlling and managing the project, and
  7. Controlling and managing changes,
  8. Top ten success factors for construction project management

 The Design and Construction Process

What are the elements of a construction project? From initial funding through architecting, engineering design, construction, and turnover. Included here is the critical relationship between the project manager and the owners and financers

 Organizing For Project Management

This is the core of managing a successful construction project. The module describes how to organize the project and to create the project office that will manage the project. It describes the roles and responsibilities needed to manage the project and the control mechanisms to do so.

  1. The Project Office
  2. Project roles and responsibilities
  3. Contractor and subcontractor relationships
  4. Status reporting

 Construction Planning

In the majority of projects that fail, the failure can be traced back to poor planning. Planning is crucial to setting up the construction project so that it can be successful.

  1. The planning phases
  2. Project information
  3. Understanding and controlling uncertainties in the plans
  4. Controlling changes
  5. Identifying trends to improve the accuracy of the plans
  6. The Change Management System

 Scheduling Processes

  1. Developing the project schedule
  2. Identifying the impacts of schedule slippages
  3. Controlling schedule changes

Construction Pricing and Contracting

  1. Cost Estimation
  2. Project costing vs Life Cycle Costing
  3. Cost Control, Monitoring, and Accounting
  4. Tracking labor, materials, and equipment

 Quality Control and Safety During Construction

  1. Quality Basics
  2. Work and Materials specifications
  3. Sampling Materials
  4. Site Safety

 Construction Risk Assessment

  1. Identifying risks in a construction project
  2. Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI)

 Procurement and Contracting

  1. Types of contracts
  2. International contracting

Course Instructor

Ir. Pulung Susilo Rahardjo

He received Bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Mechanical Engineering Department, Industrial Engineering Faculty, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) on 1981He has a professional and practice experiences as Project Management Senior Staff more than 35 years in National & Multinational Company special Oil & Gas Onshore & Offshore Industry. He also attended at many project management seminar & course program at Indonesian & overseas institution. He retired from Petronas Carigali Indonesia (PCINO) on year 2014 and focused in Project Management Advisor and Project Management Instructor.